Leonard Eto “Soloist” Japan tour

Sat. October 2, Tokyo, Minami-Aoyama Mandala
Sun. October 17, Kanazawa, Mokkiriya
Sat. October 23, Chichibu, Mahora Inahoyama
Sat. November 6, Matsuzaka, Matsuzaka M’AXA
Sun. November 7, Okazaki, Miura Taiko
Sun. November 14, Kyoto, TakuTaku


Sat. December 4, Maebashi
Open 14:30 Start 15:00
4,500 yen
Student(s) High School and Junior high School:1,000 yen
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(title) Leonard Eto solo live, your name, your telephone number, number of ticket(s)
Address: 1-16-27, Mikawa-machi, Maebashi-shi, Gunma


Sun. December 19, Uchiko-cho
Leonard Eto (taiko), Kazunari Abe (bamboo flutes)
Open 15:30 Start 16:00
4,000 yen
Student(s) High school and Junior high school:500 yen
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(title) Leonard Eto Uchiko Live, your name, your telephone number, number of ticket(s)
Info.: Leonard Eto Uchikoza live Executive Committee tel. 090-7140-6972 (Nagata)
Address: 2102 Uchiko, Uchiko-cho, Kita-gun, Ehime


December 26, Hatogaya
Hatogaya 122 KYARA
Open 14:00 Start 14:30
4,500 yen + drink charge
Student(s) High school and Junior high school:1,000 yen + drink charge
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Please write your information in the mail:

(title) Leonard Eto solo live, your name, your telephone number, number of ticket(s)
Info.: Hatogaya 122kyara tel. 080-7794-1399
Address: 1178 Tsuji, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama



Leonard Eto “Music life” distribution starts.

The theme of this program is “Creativity“.
Exploring the fascination of taiko music through three topics:
improvisation, groove, and expression.
“Improvisation” is approximately 60 minutes with all four.
It consists of taiko solo performances, improvisational performances
with the pianist, Masaki Hayashi and dialogue.


This program is available in English.
Please select with CC at the bottom right of the screen.



The third single “Straight Ahead”

Single “Straight Ahead”

Video streaming



The second single “Pancomelen Forever”

The second single “Pancomelen Forever” release!
The rhythm of “Pancomelen Forever” has the origin in West Africa.
Powerful and groovy sound, and the immense joy expressed in “Pancomelen Forever”.

Check this out!



The first single “DON DEN”

The long awaited Leonard Eto’s new sound is here!!!
New single “DON DEN”.

Check this out!

WTC Premium Talk
Leonard Eto talks about “TAIKO as a PERFORMING ART”

Taiko as an Expression on Stage: Its Development and Future


Cheer for Art! “GENSO”
Dance: Iori Tadokoro, Niina Maeda, Ayano Mizutani
Music: Leonard Eto  Lighting: Yauo Komiya, Reiko Hashimoto
Video: Shinya Takaoka



kaDON “Exploring Katsugi with Leonard Eto”
kaDON is a new online venture dedicated to producing high quality instructional videos for taiko and fue. Simply out, kaDON is the world’s best place to learn taiko and fue online. In this introductory course, taiko legend Leonard Eto teaches the ins and outs of Katsugi Okedo from its history to the development of the modern playing style, roping and maintenance to step-by-step lessons on how to play the Katsugi Okedo while controlling and becoming one with taiko.






Cultural Envoy Year 2013-2014
Leonard Eto has accomplished the mission as the Japan Cultural Envoy for one year from August in 2013 to July in 2014. This movie is only a part of his activities. Please enjoy it!





3.11 Message
The Japanese people have held a sense of fear against nature from ancient times, so we held festivals and prayed for abundant harvest and sound health. The core of the festivals have been the Japanese taiko and dancing. Japan is now in a serious situation, but as a musician, my role stays the same as before. I continue to communicate aggressively through music with people who possess different values, search for something we have in common and arrange it in a form of music and performance. Now, we must seriously accept messages from nature which support human activities and move on. I believe that this leads to being creative. Stay positive.




Leonard Eto