Collaboration with Dance

Creative Collaboration of Dancing.
When Leonard Eto went to West Africa in 1991, he came across a spirit possession ritual. Since the shocking experience, the deep connection between dancing and drums stuck in his mind. Before long, it became the rich source for creating dancer’s movements. Leonard Eto is now producing music with a new concept of taiko and dance collaboration.


Tsu-Ku-Tsu (2000)
A work commissioned by Pilobolus. Premiered in Boston. Three weeks run at Joyce Theater in New York.
TAMAGO (2014)
Premiered in Paris.
Music by Leonard Eto, Choreograph by Yasuyuki Endo
Dance: Ballet National de Marseille
blenDRUMStheater #1, #2, #3(2013, 2014)
Premiered in Milano.
Music by Leonard Eto, Choreograph by Sussana Beltrami
Dance: Compagnia Susanna Beltrami
Silently She Dances (2016)
Premiered in Tokyo.
Direction: Leonard Eto, Script: Tsunehiro Takashina
Music by Leonard Eto
Deep Forest (2019)
Premiered in San Marino.
Music by Leonard Eto

Leo Dynamism (2019)
Premiered in Tokyo.
Music by Leonard Eto

open to the public in 2020.
Music by Leonard Eto, Edited by Shinya Takaoka