Japan Cultural Envoy 2013-2014



Japan Cultural Envoy
Assigned to the Japan Cultural Envoy mission by the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan, Leonard Eto performed overseas for a period of one year mainly in European countries from August 2013 to July 2014. Starting in the Swiss mountains, Leonard Eto performed with dancers and musicians coming from 9 different countries such as France, Italy, Germany and India and fully displayed his skills during this period. The image is just a portion of his activities during the year.





ENCOUNTER (Oude Kerk in Amsterdam)
This was one of the most solemn and dynamic performance during the mission. A joint performance with a pipe organ set in an old church built 450 years ago. Not being able to make eye contact with each other, the impromptu performance in the old church letting out overwhelming tremors surely resulted in an “Encounter Between Heaven and Earth”.





※Creative Collaboration of Dancingに括られていた映像をここに移動。
Music by Leonard Eto, Choreograph by Yasuyuki Endo
Ballet National de Marseille
The sounds of O-taiko, a huge drum, which can be symbolic of all Japanese drums, are the very beat of life. In this work, “TAMAGO”, O-taiko represents an egg, the origin of life. Rhythms beat out from O-taiko give a birth of a creature.





Session in Switzerland on TV
with Samba Diabate and Vincent Zanetti in CIME Festival.




Collaboration in Hungary on TV
with group “Bazseva” at Fono Budai Zenehaz in Budapest, Hungary.





Japan Cultural Envoy Interview
Long interview in Roma (Italiano)