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Oke Taiko Leonard Eto Model
Oke Taiko is a signature model supervised by Leonard Eto. Adopted to the taiko are the important “light weight” and “power”. The tremor and rim of the highly-durable silver-carbon body has been optimized.
“Oke Taiko Leonard Eto Model” is made hard to be influenced by stage conditions.

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Hirado O-taiko (Flat-bodied Big Drum)

This instrument gives out brighter sounds than the full-bodied O-taiko because of its shallow body. A colorful variety of sounds can be obtained by using different Bachi sticks. Leonard Eto invented the method of using a long Bachi stick. He also devised a revolutionary style of playing this O-taiko when he was composing “ZOKU” (1989), and that is to place the taiko in a slanted angle on tree stumps. The style has won much popularity ever since.